WHITSUNDAYS Coffee Signature Blend

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 Donating 5% of each Bag of Coffee to NHS

WHITSUNDAYS Coffee Signature Blend

"Pure Gold"   

100% Arabica Speciality Coffee brings together the different altitudes of multiple Ethiopian coffee farms (1500m-2200m)

A vibrant and luscious coffee with subtle acidity and a complex bouquet of fruity, floral & coco notes. Exceptional and unique, this coffee is just wonderful, displaying a light body and beautiful complexity. 

Inspired by the beautiful Whitsundays Islands in QLD Australia, a stunning location with endless white sandy beaches and a massive stretch of coral and marine life, it holds a very special place in our hearts.

Region- Ethiopia (Altitudes 1500m-2200m)

Natural - Washed & Polished

Roast - Light to Medium

Notes - Coco sensations, Blackberry, Nutty with subtle Floral back notes 

Best enjoyed - as Espresso, Aeropress, Cafetière or Filter


Ethically Sourced Coffee  

At Smooth Coffee UK we believe in fairness and sustainability, all our coffee is ethically sourced and can be traced back to the coffee farmer.

Donating 5% of each Bag of Coffee to NHS

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