Where it all started...

It all started a decade ago down under with a humble cup of coffee. Australia is world renowned for its coffee culture and amazing flavours, and like so many other people who live there, we fell in love with it too.

Every Saturday & Sunday morning we made it our thing to go and sit outside our favourite coffee shops by the beach, enjoying a nice brekkie, sipping on a great cup of coffee and just watching the world go by.




We are so happy and proud that we could bring a small part of the culture with us here in the UK...minus the beaches of course :) But we did bring the inspiration, the laid back attitude and the great coffee.



Before living in Australia, because of our jobs we have been fortunate enough to travel around the world, and every single corner of this world we visited had a story and an abundance of culture attached to it. Combining all this inspiration with our delicious hand- roasted coffee felt the right thing to do.



We are a small family business, passionate about coffee and its culture and we promise you that our coffee will always be freshly roasted and delicious. Even before you fully open our Smooth Coffee bag, the  aroma of the coffee will hit you instantly.




Along with our love for coffee we are also passionate about our coffee being ethically sourced. All our coffee is certified by either Rainforest Alliance® or Fairtrade this ensures that each bag of coffee you get to enjoy is sustainable and the local farmers and their community are treated fairly.

All of our coffee is hand-roasted locally here in Shropshire by our talented and passionate Sicilian born Master Roaster Giuseppe.



So if a rich espresso, creamy flat white or even a simple full-bodied coffee is your thing, we are all about that. We thought of everything when creating our unique Blends and choosing our Single Origins. We don't stop here and always looking for more!! We are excited in time to be adding other tantalising and delicious flavours for you to try.



We look forward to sharing with you the love and passion we have for the coffee and of course we are excited for you to try our delicious smooth coffee roasts!!

Any questions you have, please don't hesitate to ask, we are here for you, just a message away :)

Irina & Matt