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Which Coffee to choose ... is that what you are thinking?

We can help!!

Let us give you a little helping hand and explain how to make it easier to choose your coffee. Below we have listed a little guideline of tastes and aromas, see which appeals to you most.
    Light taste - Neutral

    These coffees are generally smooth and creamy and un-offensive on the palette, having a more neutral bouquet of flavours and sweetness. Some of the finest and most luxurious belong to this group certainly worth a try!

    • Jamaican Blue Mountain®
           Traditional - Non intrusive
    Dark to light chocolate with a classic flavour profile, low acidity and sometimes nutty displaying a tantalising caramel sweetness at the end. These are the Central American coffees which are also known as "traditional coffee taste"
      • Single Origin: Colombia & Honduras
      • Blend: Byron Bay


             Citrusy - Personal taste

      Coffee goes beautifully with citrus, and combined with the natural sweetness of the coffee can really dazzle your taste buds. It is a personal taste and you need to try few different ones before you decide which is your favourite. They are very delicious, give them a try.
      • Single Origin: Ethiopia & Brazil
      • Blend: Bondi Boost


             Strong - With a kick

      These are either Robusta or a Arabica & Robusta Blend, and they definitely get your heart going (in a good way).

      They are sure to be your favourite if you like your coffee strong and with a kick. Flavour wise, they are robust and opulent. You can taste earthy, smokey notes with a dark cocoa richness through it."

      • Single Origin: Vietnam
      • Blend: 12 Apostles & Coogee


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      I promise you, it is quite a fun and delicious experience. Enjoy!!


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