Jamaican Blue Mountain® Single Origin Coffee

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Donating 5% of each Bag of Coffee to NHS 

Jamaican Blue Mountain®, Sir Johns Peak Estate

"Elusive, luxurious & simply delicious"   

100% Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee

The best coffee in the world and probably the most famous Origin coffee out-there. Most often called the "Champagne of coffee" The Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is unique, sophisticated with subtle hints of chocolate and floral undertones, exceptional sweetness and mellow creamy aftertaste. It displays an exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity.

Beautifully balanced with an unmatched taste!!

The farms are located at 3300 feet above see level and the beans are handpicked and sorted carefully and packaged into the so famous Jamaican wooden barrels.

The hand-roasting of these amazing quality raw beans should only be in the hand of a master-full skilled roaster. 

With over 40 years experience and with skills passed down from generation to generation, we are so fortunate to have our own Sicilian born Master Coffee Roster Giuseppe. You know these beans will be treated with upmost care and respect. 

Each barrel of Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Region- Sir Johns Peak Estate

Process - Natural - Water Processed

Roast - Medium

Notes - Floral, Nutty, Sweet with a candied orange peel with a creamy, smooth mellow chocolatey after notes 

Best enjoyed - as a creamy delicious shot of Espresso, a bold and full-bodied Cafetière cup or if you wish to enjoy a cleaner cup consider the V60 Drip or Aeropress brewing method. Either way, absolutely exquisite taste and aroma.


Donating 5% of each Bag of Coffee to NHS




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